Kanye Says Watch The Throne 2 Is Coming Soon

It feels like a whole lifetime has passed since Watch The Throne, the blockbuster collaborative album by Kanye West and Jay-Z. Technically, it’s been seven years. The album generated lots of hits, debuted at #1, put up multi-platinum numbers, and launched a very popular and entertaining co-headlining tour. It was the rare event-rap collaboration that lived up to the hype.

But Jay and Kanye’s relationship has always been tumultuous, and in recent years it’s seemed strained more often than not. Back in 2016, Kanye even told the audience at one of his shows that “there will never be a Watch The Throne 2” while lamenting the relational distance that had prevented their kids from even playing together. On that same tour he also called out Jay and Beyoncé alongside Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton during a lengthy speech in Sacramento.

In an interview last fall Jay-Z said he loved Kanye and hoped to make peace with him. Still, this past summer Jay seemed to go after Kanye on Everything Is Love, the collaborative album with Beyoncé that they surprised-released smack in the middle of Kanye’s weekly run of Wyoming albums. (Specifically, the timing of its release seemed designed to overshadow NASIR, the album Kanye produced for Jay’s old rival Nas, which had hit streaming services less than 24 hours earlier.) Plus Kanye has spent the year praising Donald Trump and saying other outlandish things that would make him persona non grata with a celebrity Democrat like Jay. So, yeah: It sure seemed like things remained chilly between them.

Still, the world’s rap A-listers seem to be going through a period of detente. Drake and Meek Mill squashed their three-year-old beef onstage in Boston last night. Earlier this week Kanye himself posted a long apology to Drake for his failure to prevent the beef between Drake and Pusha-T. So maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that yesterday Kanye tweeted, “throne2 coming soon.”

There are no further details right now, but Kanye has mostly managed to deliver the albums he’s promised on Twitter this year, so I’m inclined to take him seriously.

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