Doe Paoro – “Cage Of Habits” Video

Singer songwriter Doe Paoro has clicked back into her soulful R&B roots on forthcoming album Soft Power, her first since 2015’s After. Last month, the Artist To Watch alum announced the release with lead single “Over.” Today, she’s sharing “Cage Of Habits,” co-written with Twin Shadow’s Wynn Bennett.

Paoro’s voice is brighter and maybe more hopeful than Amy Winehouse’s smoking tang, but it channels that same drama. “Cage Of Habits” plunges into a brassy spiral. And the chorus’ bursts of euphoric harmonies are reassuring in their “Whatever goes up must come down” cliché. Her lyrics trace the suffocation of stagnant habits. She’s stuck in a loop and thinking of breaking the cycle. The accompanying video, directed by Austin Roa, follows Paoro down the faded streets of Dallas until the music dissolves in slow motion. It’s what the world sounds like right before you pass out.

In a press release, she dug into the the track’s grander intention:

This song feels so raw to me and I wanted to embrace that by not relying on anything outside of myself to convey the gravity of it, which is why it’s so minimal. The alone-ness of it is intended to reflect the solo nature of overcoming our own loops.

Watch and listen to “Cage Of Habits” below.

Soft Power is out 10/19 via Anti-. Pre-order it here.