Kitten – “Oh My God”

NYC rockers Kitten — the current project of wunderkind Chloe Chaidez, who’s been on the scene in various forms for nearly 10 years — are proving themselves masters of retro-pop melodrama. The band, which is touring with Blue October in November and set to open up for Smashing Pumpkins this winter, has kept us fed with a steady stream of singles this year, including “Secrets,” “Mercury,” “Pink Champagne,” “Strange Embrace,” and “I Did It.”

For their latest song, “Oh My God,” they’ve left behind a leather jacketed rock sound entirely for an fluttery, synthed-up HAIM-meets-Madonna breakup freakout, covered in nostalgic orchestral hits and thick poppy drums and cut by a piano interlude. It’s as booming and high-drama as ever, evoking the shock and turmoil of a betrayal you didn’t see coming. Every line is a deliciously breathy gasp, as Chaidez learns her former lover is dating a girl who looks just like her. “Oh my god/ You broke my heart” repeats maybe 30 times throughout the song. She continues, “Oh my god/ She looks like me/ Those gold hoop earrings that you took from me.” It’s playful, but a jagged crack of genuine heartbreak runs through all the fanfare.

Chaidez explains that “Oh My God” “is about all the feelings that come rushing in simultaneously when a romance comes to an end. The song began as a relatively straightforward pop track, but because it’s KITTEN we had to put it through the aural fun house! Now it (hopefully) sounds like Talk Talk and Max Martin circa ’99 did a collab. It’s a bit of a departure from this year’s other singles, but we think you’ll dig it! :)”

Adds bandmember and producer Parker Silzer, “I’ll say that as a producer I relish any opportunity to successfully deploy an orchestra hit sample in a a song. I suspect we’ll hear a lot of them as the 90s revivalism reaches critical mass, and I’m trying to enjoy the zeitgeist.”

Listen below.

“Oh My God” is out now.

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