Washer – “Super Pop”

About a year ago, the Brooklyn indie-rock duo Washer released their sophomore album All Aboard. Today they’re back with “Super Pop,” their original contribution to a new split 7″ with Bethlehem Steel coming soon via Exploding In Sound. (The bands contributed one new song apiece and covered each other.)

At only 74 seconds, “Super Pop” smartly and effectively encapsulates this band’s whole deal, that scrappy and straightforward basement rock that was experiencing a bit of a renaissance when Washer got their start. The band’s Mike Quigley explains what he’s howling about here:

I had been feeling bogged down by a nagging drive to avoid standards of pop songwriting. But sometimes you can kill a perfectly good hook trying to force it into something it’s not. Weird for the sake of being seen or heard as weird can be pretty dull. So we just let this one be what it was. The lyrics came after and in some sense are similar. Starts with a ritual for focusing yourself, trying to change or grow in some way. We can all reinvent ourselves if and when we need to, even if it seems impossible. You’ll be many different people throughout your life. Gotta let yourself try ‘em all out.

Listen below.

11/01 – Brooklyn, NY @ Rubalad w/ Human People, Rick Rude, & Matthew Danger Lippman
11/02 – Philadelphia, PA @ BLAMP w/ Rick Rude, Lester, & Missing Earth
11/03 – Baltimore, MD @ The Crown w/ Rick Rude, File Select, & Purrer
11/04 – Richmond, VA @ Cafe Astrology w/ Rick Rude
11/05 – Washington, DC @ Dougout w/ Rick Rude, BRNDA, & Mister Goblin
11/06 – New Brunswick, NJ @ In The West w/ Rick Rude, Secretary Legs, & Resounding No
11/07 – New Paltz, NY @ Crazy Dan’s Second Hand Hardcore w/ Rick Rude
11/08 – Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s w/ Rick Rude, Halfsour & Big Mess
11/10 – Rollinsford, NH @ Sue’s w/ Rick Rude, Notches & High Pony

The Bethlehem Steel / Washer split is out 11/30 on Exploding In Sound. Pre-order it here.

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