Stereogum X Neighborhoodies Think Ups T-Shirt #2

Yesterday we kicked off our line of Think Ups tee and hoodie designs, made possible by the fine clothiers at Actually it’s a great time to unveil a clothing line because the fashion industry isn’t at all preoccupied with other things and can pay attention to our supersmart and very attractive ideas.The best part about buying one: not only will you look great, but all the proceeds from your purchase will benefit a charity we chose. And we chose the ASPCA because animals are adorable and also because it really compliments today’s design:

More family friendly than “Panda Bears Do It Better.” You can have the Stuffed Animal Collective design as a tee or a hoodie, in American Apparel 100% cotton, and with so many combinations of cloth and print color. Order it here. We’ll have another to show you each day this week. Videogum’s got some classy ones, too.