Buke & Gase – “Scholars” Video

Experimental pop-rock duo Buke & Gase are releasing Scholars, their first album in six years, in just nine days. We’ve heard three songs from the project so far — “No Land,” “Pink Boots,” and “Derby,” all of them great — and today they’re sharing the best one yet.

“Scholars,” the new album’s title track, is a shapeshifter. It starts with just over a minute of skronking, minimalist rock that toggles between discord and melodic resolution, Arone Dyer intoning, “I find it hard to care the way you are/ It’s worth it just to know the way it is.” Then the song suddenly morphs into an even more radical form, its jagged rock inclinations infused with electronic pulses that strike me as the audio equivalent of a strobe light. By the end they’re just battering you with sound, a steady onslaught of staccato blasts topped off with Dyer at her most operatic.

Listen below.

Scholars is out 1/18 on Brassland. Pre-order it here.