Stream Monplaisir’s The Agreement

Monplaisir come from the French city of Lyon, and they play a tingly, romantic form of indie rock. There’s a lot of melody to the band’s sound, but it’s shaped out of eerie, ringing, vaguely discordant guitar sounds. The band’s style reminds me a bit of Built To Spill or Unwound, and we don’t get too many new bands these days who recall names like that. Monplaisir released a demo in 2016, and they’re just about to come out with their grand, searching, gentle debut album The Agreement. It’s a lovely record, and if you’ve been missing that old guitar-centric indie rock sound, it should do the trick. And the 15-minute closing track “Hey John” is fucking epic. Check it out below.

The Agreement is out 1/21 on Adiago830.

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