The Unofficial Peel Singles Set

Over at ILM, they’ve been putting together the whole Peel singles box, with more than 50% of those rarities sitting some YSI or other. Get ‘em while they’re hot.


Update: Thanks to Michael, we’ve got one big (277Mb!) zip with 86 of the singles correction: it’s dead. The thread is still active, though, so we’re getting closer to the ultimate Peel singles torrent. Missing tracks on the full page…

Update 2: We’re hunting another mega-zip…

Update 3: Torrent!

Tracks still mising:


Al Ferrier – I’m Not Drinking More
Anemic Boyfriends – Guys Are Not Proud
Arthur K Adams – Wildwood flower
Bill Oddie – Harry krishna
Cheeze – Dancin With The Dead
Clague – The stride
Dreamland Express – Groovy
Easy Teeth – Car Noise
Eddie & Ernie – I’m gonna always love you
Electro Hippies – Sheep
Firemen – Old smokie
Geater Davis – For your precious love
Gene Dozier & The United Front – Give the women what they want
Hooton 3 Car – Danny
Jane Bond and The Undercover Men – Hot rod Lincoln
Jerry Byrd – Memories of Maria
Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen – Isle Of Capri
Larry Bright – Mojo workout
Marc Bolan talking to Stevie Dixon
Meow – Kat nip
Mike Spencer and the Cannibals – Nothing takes the place of you
Nilsson – Kojak Columbo
Revelino – Step on high
Roshell Anderson – The grapevine will lie sometimes
Sasha Caro – Grade 3 section 2
Scrugg – Will the real Geraldine please stand up and be countered
Sipho Bhengu – Tickey dopies
Spit Out – O from I
Super Sister – No tree will grow
The Legion of Super-Heroes – The great name dropper part 1
The Mighty Avengers – So much in love
The Ramrods – Zig zag
The Versatiles/Lee Perry – Cutting Razor
Mr. Airplane Man – Hangin’ Round Your Door
The Henchmen featuring Jack White – Some other guy
The White Stripes – Candy Cane Children
XL-Capris – My city of Sydney


Al Casey – Easy Pickin
Alan Price Set – Iechyd-Da
Reco – The Lion Speaks
Anemic Boyfriends – Bad Girls in Love
Anti-Social – teacher, teacher
Arthur K Adams – It’s a wild, wild, wild, wild wildwood flower
Big Stick – Hell on earth
Bill Oddie – on ilkla moor baht’at
Cheeze – Dancin queen / Direwolf
Clague – I wonder where
Clefs of Lavender Hill – First tell me why
Cleveland Crochet – Drunkards dream
Don French – Goldilocks
Dreamland Express – u.f.o
Easy Teeth – Her Blade
Eddie & Ernie – We try harder / Outcast / That’s the way it is
Electro Hippies – Starve The City (To Feed The Poor) / Meltdown / Escape / Deadend / Thought / Chickens / Mother
Firemen – Louie’s theme
Freshmen – Bombing run
G L Crockett – Every hour, every day
G L Crockett – Did you ever love somebody
Geater Davis – Wrapped up in you
Gene Dozier & The United Front – The best girl I ever had
Golinski Brothers – Toy
Greenhornes – Stayed up last night
Hooton 3 Car – Numena
Jane Bond and The Undercover Men – Come On Up
Jerry Byrd – Invitation
Jody Reynolds – Western movies
Johnnie Taylor – At night time
Johnny Adams – You’re a lady
Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen – St Phillip St Breakdown / Shine / Gentofte Blues
Larry Bright – I’ll change my ways
Lee Perry – Black smoke signal
Lightnin Hopkins – Glory Be
Jennifer Sharp, Steve Harley & John Peel talking to Stevie Dixon 1977
Lee Perry – Revelation
Medicine Head – All for tomorrow
Medicine Head – This love of old
Mel and Tim – It hurts to want it so bad
Meow – One night stand / Anthem / Kill kill kill / Catastrophe / Boy groupies
Mickey Lee Lane – With your love
Mike Spencer and the Cannibals – Good guys
The Nice – Azrial
Nilsson – 3 unknown B-sides
O V Wright – There goes my used to be
Pocket Fishrmen – Yr story
The Quads – You’ve gotta jive
Ray Martin – Bell of the ball
Revelino – Memoreason
Rod Bernard – Pardon, Mr. Gordon
Roshell Anderson – Such a beautiful thing
Roy Head – So long, my love
Sasha Caro – Little maid’s song
Scrugg – Only George
Sheena Easton – Moody (My Love)
Sipho Bhengu – I saluti
Some Chicken – Blood on the wall
Spit Out – Tan / Rot’n’roll
Stanley Winston – It’s alright
Status Quo – Nightride
Super Sister – She was naked
The Big Three – If you ever change your mind
Buzzcocks – Just Lust
The Factory – Gone
The Galactic Symposium – Money
The Legion of Super-Heroes – The great name dropper part 2
The Mark Four – I’m leaving
The Mighty Avengers – Something they say
The Misunderstood – Who do you love
The Move – Wave the flag and stop the train
The Negatives – Stakeout
The Nightcaps – Nightcap rock
The Squirrels – Alone again
The Undertones – Smarter than u / True confessions (not the LP version)/ Emergency cases
The Upsetters – Domino game
The Users – I’m in love with today
The Versatiles/Lee Perry – Black belt jones
Rizzo – Cathy
Bantam Rooster – Shitlist + 1
White Stripes – Stop Breaking Down (BBC Session)
The Henchmen featuring Jack White – Psycho daisies
2 Star Tabernacle – Lily White Mama / Jet Black Daddy (Andre Williams)
The Wildbunch (aka Electric Six) – Neurocameraman / She’s Guatemala
Rocket 455 – Santa Ain’t Coming For Christmas
The Blowtops – Sidewalk Santa
MHz- Secret Santa
The Real Pills – It’s Almost December
XL-Capris – Dead bugies
Yami Bolo – ???