Watch Killer Mike Talk Trigger Warning, Starting His Own Religion, & Why Atlanta Is Wakanda On Colbert

Killer Mike — Atlanta rap eminence, Run The Jewels ringer, and occasional haver of terrible opinions — has a new Netflix show called Trigger Warning. The idea of this show, as Mike himself says, is to showcase “the most absurd thoughts and arguments I’ve had in my life, and to see if they’re possible.” We posted a trailer last month, but the show is now streaming on Netflix, and Mike was on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show last night to talk about it.

On last night’s show, Mike explained the idea of the show to Colbert. One episode, as he tells it, focuses on the idea that black gangs should have officially licensed products, the same way white motorcycle clubs do, so he and some Crips come up with their own soda. (Mike and Colbert share a bottle.) And he also describes another episode where he tries to form his own religion.

Mike is, as ever, a fun and engaging interview. (More than a decade ago, he gave me maybe my favorite interview of my entire career.) And he gives plenty of quotables in the Colbert segment: “Atlanta’s Wakanda, for real… Atlanta’s the black Nashville.” Watch the interview below.

Trigger Warning is streaming on Netflix now. And through some crazy cosmic confluence, Mike’s fellow Dungeon Family progeny Future was also on Colbert last night. Let’s all look forward to the moment when Colbert books Cool Breeze or Big Rube or BlackOwned C-Bone.