Florence + The Machine – “Moderation” & “Haunted House”

Florence + The Machine – “Moderation” & “Haunted House”

Holy fucking fuck! Today won’t stop! Thus far, this day has already given us Vampire Weekend’s two comeback singles, a surprise album from the team of Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst, and a fucking Weezer novelty-covers album. That’s a lot of music! It’s a lot of music that demands your attention! And now there’s more! Because goddamn Florence + The Machine just came along and walloped all of us with two new songs.

As Pitchfork points out, Florence + The Machine just came out with two new tracks, “Moderation” and “Haunted House.” These two new joints are arriving less than a year after the group released 2018’s High As Hope album, and it marks a hell of a fast turnaround for an artist who likes to take her time in the studio.

Florence debuted “Moderation” onstage in Perth earlier this month. In grand Florence tradition, it’s a huge, cinematic stomper with gospel handclaps and a gigantic Florence Welch vocal performance at its center. “Haunted House,” by contrast, is relatively restrained. It’s less than two minutes long, and it’s softer and more tender, without the world-swallowing climactic chorus that so many Florence songs have. Listen to both below.

What the fuck else are we getting today? Good lord.

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