Lydia Ainsworth – “Can You Find Her Place” Video

Lydia Ainsworth – “Can You Find Her Place” Video

Lydia Ainsworth is back with a new song and video from her upcoming record Phantom Forest. This is her third full-length album, and her first release since 2017’s Darling Of The Afterglow.

The video for “Can You Find Her Place,” directed by her sister Abby, was inspired by Botticelli’s iconic painting, “Primavera.” Ainsworth finds herself surrounded by goofily dressed Renaissance caricatures that jovially dance around her like they’re at a May Day celebration.

Oddly enough, the Renaissance is a perfect setting for “Can You Find Her Place.” While flirting with modern sound signatures, like a funk-ladled bass line, it’s clear that heavy emphasis was placed on its compositional and orchestral aspects — a quick trill on a swirling and sparkly synth pad fits with her vocals almost as perfect as a puzzle piece. The melodic runs that bookend several of the verse lines feel as effortlessly exquisite. The vocal stacking on the chorus does something unexpected, creating a dark tension that’s only released when the stack is elevated in the following line.

Watch the video for “Can You Find Her Place” below.

01 “Diamonds Cutting Diamonds”
02 “Tell Me I Exist”
03 “Can You Find Her Place”
04 “Edge Of The Throne”
05 “Gold”
06 “The Time”
07 “Give It Back To You”
08 “Floating Dream”
09 “Green Is The Color” (Pink Floyd Cover)

Phantom Forest is out 5/10. You can pre-order the record here.

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