Damien Jurado – “Lincoln”

Damien Jurado – “Lincoln”

Damien Jurado has a minimalist new album, In The Shape Of A Storm, on the way. Recorded in just about two hours, there’s almost nothing separating Jurado’s tender vocals and acoustic guitar from the listener’s ears. This was the case on his last single, “South,” and that trend continues on his newest track, “Lincoln.” This is no ordinary single, however — Jurado has been sitting on this track for about the last 20 years.

As it turns out, Jurado originally intended to release “Lincoln” on his third album, 2000’s Ghost Of David. Jurado explains the track’s reappearing on In The Shape Of A Storm in a press release.

“Lincoln,” written in 1998, was originally slated for my third album not yet titled, Ghost of David. I had 13 songs recorded for the album onto a newly purchased digital 8-track machine. And, when the day came to mix the finished album, an error done on my part was made, erasing everything. Now under a deadline with the label to turn in a new album, I came up with the bright idea to scrap every song I had written for the album, and start anew. All original material was written, and then recorded in a period of less than a week for Ghost of David. Years later, I would come across the only recorded demo I had made for the original album on a cassette. This song was “Lincoln”. Over the years I considered “Lincoln” for many of my albums, but the song just couldn’t find the proper place to land. That was until I went in to record my latest album, In the Shape of a Storm. It felt not only fitting to put it on the record, but to have it be the opening song.

Listen to “Lincoln” below

In The Shape Of A Storm is out 4/12 via Mama Bird Recording Co. Pre-order it here.

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