L7 – “Burn Baby” Video

L7 got back together at the beginning of 2015 in conjunction with a documentary that looked back at the Los Angeles grunge band’s career, and they’ve been playing shows and slowly putting together an album over the last few years. They’ve shared a couple of songs in that time, including “Dispatch From Mar-a-Lago” and “I Came Back To Bitch.”

They announced a new album last year with a PledgeMusic campaign to fundraise it, and now the band is officially putting it out, via Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records.

“When we decided to make a new record, Joan was there for us as the good friend she has always been. So great to stomp into Blackheart Records with her at the helm. We’re very excited to work with Joan and the entire Blackheart family. Just imagine the family dinners!” the band’s Donita Sparks said in a statement.

L7’s new album — their first in 20 years, since 1999’s Slap-Happy — is called Scatter The Rats and it’s out in May. Listen to its first single, “Burn Baby,” below.

01 “Burn Baby”
02 “Fighting The Crave”
03 “Proto Prototype”
04 “Stadium West”
05 “Murky Water Cafe”
06 “Ouija Board Lies”
07 “Garbage Truck”
08 “Holding Pattern”
09 “Uppin’ The Ice”
10 “Cool About Easy”
11 “Scatter The Rats”

Scatter The Rats is out 5/3 via Blackheart Records.

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