The Claque – “Hush” & “Stray”

The Claque are an Irish trio comprising Alan Duggan of Girl Band (a 2015 Band To Watch), along with Kate Brady and Paddy Ormond. The three started the project in 2017, and are releasing their first single “Hush” today.

Produced by Girl Band’s bassist Daniel Fox — who’s also worked with another Stereogum Artist To Watch, Paddy Hanna, as well as fellow Dublin rockers Silverbacks — “Hush” is a gorgeous foray into a challenging sonic wilderness of their own making. The release has an equally luscious B-side, too, called “Stray.”

While there are definitely elements of that noisy and pulsating post-punk Duggan favors in Girl Band, “Hush”┬ástrips back some of that multi-dimensional distortion. The low-end is still rolling in fuzz, but the top layers find clarification through Brady’s vocals, scintillating lead guitar, and warm synth pads that elevate the dynamic range.

Stream “Hush” below.

“Hush” is out now via Any Other City Records.