Cardi B & Bruno Mars – “Please Me” Video

A year ago, Bruno Mars and Cardi B teamed up for the remix of “Finesse,” Mars’ great new jack swing-revival dance-pop jam. They danced together charmingly in the video, a nostalgia-drenched four-minute tribute to In Living Color. And they were supposed to head out on an arena tour together, but Cardi had to drop out of it after getting pregnant. A couple of weeks ago, Cardi and Mars teamed up once again for a squelchy new song called “Please Me.” And once again, they’ve made a video where they dance charmingly together.

“Please Me” plays a lot like a circa-2001 Murder Inc. track, except with Cardi B doing the Ja Rule parts and Bruno Mars playing the Ashanti role. And that’s also the vibe that the bright, low-stakes video gives off. Mars co-directed the video with his regular music-video collaborator Florent Dechard, and it makes for a pleasantly flirty dance party.

The video starts when Bruno and his friends are eating at a diner and Cardi and hear friends walk in. This naturally leads to everyone dancing together, which naturally leads to Bruno laying Cardi across the hood of a car, which naturally leads to the two of them singing at each other while standing up in in-motion classic convertibles. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but it’s still fun enough on its own terms. Watch it below.

“Please Me” is out now on the streaming services.