NOTS – “Half Painted House”

Memphis-based trio NOTS are back today with “Half Painted House,” the lead single from their upcoming record, 3. We premiered their most recent release, 2017’s “Anxious Trend,” which blended synths and textured guitars to create a distinctly post-punk sound. It was aptly named too, as that combination proved nerve-inducing.

After Alexandra Eastburn left the band last year, it took some growth and reimagining to determine the group’s new direction. With this new track, the anxiety remains but the sound almost seems float as a whirring ambience vacillates underneath a swinging arpeggiated bass line. It feels undeniably punk, even the abraded vocals resonate like a more spacey Bratmobile.

Here’s NOTS multi-instrumentalist Natalie Hoffman with more details on the track:

[Half Painted House] is about being stuck in a haze of repetitive cycles while change proves to be both stubborn and elusive. The veneer of what it looks like to be “normally functioning” during these tumultuous times is peeling to reveal a mind struggling to keep from turning against itself.

Listen to “Half Painted House” below.


01 Low
02 Woman Alone
03 Floating Hand
04 In Glass
05 Persona
06 Half Painted House
07 Rational Actor
08 Far Reaching Shadows
09 Surveillance Veil
10 Built Environment

NOTS rhythm section Meredith Lones and Charlotte Watson also announced an album this week with Hash Redactor, their band with Ex-Cult’s Alec McIntyre. It’s called Drecksound. Hear its lead single “Good Sense” below.

3 is out 5/10 on Goner Records. Pre-order the album here. Hash Redactor’s Drecksound is out 4/26, also on Goner.

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