2 Chainz – “Rule The World” (Feat. Ariana Grande) Video

A week and a half ago, Atlanta rap treasure 2 Chainz released his new album Rap Or Go To The League, and he had help from a whole lot of famous people. LeBron James A&R’ed the album, whatever that might mean in a situation like this one, and it features contributions from people like Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, and Ariana Grande. Grande shows up on the silky boilerplate flex “Rule The World,” and now she shows up in the video, too.

Not a whole lot happens in director Sebastian Sdaigui’s clip. Through most of it, we see 2 Chainz and Ariana Grande performing in some kind of fancy old-timey disco-cabaret. 2 Chainz sadly never attempts to dance up on Grande the way he danced up on Nicki Minaj in the “Beez In The Trap” video. But 2 Chainz does, at one point, wear an extremely impressive white-turtleneck/fur-coat/salmon-pants combination, and he also demonstrates that he is basically twice as tall as Ariana Grande.

The Chainz/Grande connection remains fascinating. A few months ago, people accused Grande of ripping off, among other people, 2 Chainz when she came out doing trap flows on her massive single “7 Rings.” But then 2 Chainz rapped on the song’s remix. And also, there’s a song on Rap Or Go To The League that interpolates “My Favorite Things,” the same song that Grande interpolated on “7 Rings,” but that song is not the one with Grande on it. So: What’s happening there? Because I don’t know! Check out the video below.

Rap Or Go To The League is out now on Gamebread/Def Jam.