Flaural – “1616” Video

Denver psychedelic rock band Flaural have a rippling new single and video out today called “1616.” The release comes as part of the group’s rollout for their debut album Postponement. The first single we heard was “The Thinker,” which served as our introduction to the album’s thematic crux of coping with hardship. “1616,” released on the anniversary of frontman Collin Johnson’s loss of his father to ALS, hints at Johnson’s struggles during Postponement’s development.

“1616” brims with washes of guitar and echoed vocals, scratching a similar itch to Tame Impala’s early work. The video mirrors the sound with splashes of irreverent cut-outs flitting around.

Despite the video’s carefree tone, Johnson associates “1616” with personal struggles. He had this to say of the track.

“1616” was a lash of frustration at first but developed into more of a realization. Maintaining a sustainable relationship and the outcome of neglecting something is all too common. Writing it made me accept that I often like to pass blame when I am just as guilty for whatever instability, in whatever relationship.

Watch “1616” below.

Postponement is out 4/19 via Staycation Records. Pre-order it here.

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