G. Count & Pusha T – “Pope Vs. Pontiff”

Hey, a new Pusha T verse! As Complex points out, King Push is back today with some bars on “Pope Vs. Pontiff,” the latest from G. Count of Chicago duo LEP Bogus Boys.

“Pope Vs. Pontiff” is a low-key track built around plaintive piano chords and subtly booming programmed drums. After G. Count contributes some enjoyable sing-songy lyrics — best line: “This cross that’s hangin’ off of my neck big enough to crucify Christ on” — Pusha shows up to do his thing. He gets in references to Quavo, “drug dealers eating tofu,” and his own commercial underperformance, but the lyric that will grab the most attention is the one about doing the “Electric Slide at the White House back when Hillary was hopeful.” Pusha famously acted as a representative of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016, which caused no small degree of awkwardness when the founder of the record label he runs went full MAGA after the election.

Hear “Pope Vs. Pontiff” below.

Tags: G-Count, Pusha T