Self Defense Family – “Awaiting Acknowledgement”

Self Defense Family – “Awaiting Acknowledgement”

Last year, the Albany-based collective Self Defense Family released a three-track mini-project called Working People (Part 1) that included a bleak take on Cat Power’s 1996 track, “What Would The Community Think.” Today they’re out with a new track titled “Awaiting Acknowledgement,” from a newly announced EP called Performative Guilt.

“Awaiting Acknowledgement” is also rather bleak, and the group described the EP as being about “people who’ve died on us.” This track though definitely finds itself on the more cerebral punk-rock side of Self Defense Family’s spectrum. The low end heaviness of the drums and bass, especially when paired with such a dramatically spacey electric riff, nearly drown out most coherence of the lyrics. Because of how visceral this experience is, it feels that this imbalance was intentional. Compared to the previous EP, the lack of vocal volume leaves the listener wanting more, and in doing so, requires that the bass be turned all the way up. The chorus sweeps in saturated with a grunge-tinged reverb, increasing the level of indeterminable chaos.

Listen to “Awaiting Acknowledgement” below.

Performative Guilt is out 4/19. Pre-order it over on BandCamp.

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