Watch Lizzo Flirt Charmingly With Trevor Noah On The Daily Show

Watch Lizzo Flirt Charmingly With Trevor Noah On The Daily Show

Human charisma-tornado Lizzo is a week away from releasing her new album Cuz I Love You and two days away from playing her first-ever Coachella, both of which seem likely to turn her into a massive star, something that needs to happen. And last night, she was a guest on The Daily Show — not to perform, but to talk. And she did that very well. Mostly, she did that by turning Trevor Noah into a flustered wreck.

Lizzo, who has been stupendous in her recent TV appearances, continued her streak here. She started flirting with Noah the second she walked onstage, when she presented him with a gift, a piece of candy from the show’s green room. And she kept it up until her final moment up there, when she kissed him on the cheek while twerking. She hit him with so many pure, undiluted rays of charm that I can’t even imagine how he dealt with it. Did he have to go and lie down after the interview? What would you have done?

Lizzo also proved to be a good interview, happily fielding all of Noah’s questions about how she developed her own style. (Good line: “I’m a band nerd underneath this cool exterior.”) But whenever possible, she flipped Noah’s questions around to talk about how much she likes him. It was a whole lot of fun to watch, which is not something I can say about too many Trevor Noah interviews. Watch it below.

Cuz I Love You is out 4/19 on Atlantic.

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