Stream Judy And The Jerks’ Music For Donuts EP

Judy And The Jerks come from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and they play a fast, loose, loud, fun style of punk rock. They’ve got hooks that remind me of ’60s garage-punk and even, in moments, the B-52’s. But they also play with the all-out speed of a hardcore band, and their trebly, lo-fi recording style is pure DIY. Google tells me that they once sang the lyric “All I care about is La Croix / I don’t care about your stupid boy,” which is delightful. The band has self-released a few short EPs, including a four-song joint called Roll On Summer Holidays last year. This week, they’ve got a new EP called Music For Donuts coming out on an actual label — albeit a small one — and it rules. Listen to it below.

Music For Donuts is out 4/19 on Thrilling Living.