Stream Grace Ives’ New Album 2nd

Grace Ives has been releasing music since 2016 while going to school and playing small shows. As the majority of her college’s music scene at SUNY Purchase rode the Mitski wave, Ives was working on an album of ringtones. This week, the New York-based pop musician has released an album titled 2nd.

2nd is incredibly fun and catchy. The dance-ready tracks are short and sweet, most clocking in at under two minutes. All but two of them were written around a Roland MC 505 beat, giving way to a distinctly M.I.A. flavoring with the quirky tones chosen instrumentally. “Butterfly” in particular reminds me of killer Arular singles like “Galang” or “Bucky Done Gun.” Vocally, Ives is a bit of a chameleon. “Mansion,” the opening track, resonates a bit more like Le Tigre era Kathleen Hanna. Yet there’s this breathy apathy supported by atmospheric synths that makes other songs feel they could easily be Billie Eilish. It’s great.

Here’s Ives with more on the writing process:

Everything about me is very laid back, my music is just supposed to be fun, danceable. I write songs so that they get stuck in people’s heads. I follow a formula. Butterfly is two notes, Mansion is six. I’m trying to keep it minimal, just so I can get this idea out and listen to it. I just try to crank these out, not so I can do something else, like sleep, drink, or go to a party, but so I can do more. I’m relatable, I shop on a budget, I’m your friend, and I want to write songs for you… to dance to. And I’m a great cook — I make a killer bolognese.

Listen to 2nd below.

2nd is out now on Dots Per Inch. Buy it here.

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