De Lorians – “A Ship Of Mental Health”

De Lorians are a quintet from Toyko billing themselves as “a bunch of long-haired Japanese twenty-somethings playing Zappa-loving Canterbury-inspired blissed-out spiritual jazz rippers.” Their self-titled debut album is coming out in July, and today we get to hear its lead single.

“A Ship Of Mental Health” is an instrumental track, and the composition is so rich that I genuinely believe lyrics would detract from the experience. There’s a break a little over a minute in that shifts from melodies to more environmental sounds: chewing noises, a knock at the door, and some distant conversation. Most sounds are panned to one direction, making this feel more like an immersive foray into the lives led by the De Lorians. Then, a jazzy saxophone and swinging bass return as frothy keys are swept under the sonic rug by a wild guitar shred. If this song serves as any insight into what the rest of the album sounds like, it’s sure to be a weird hybrid of Mothers Of Invention-era psychedelic rock infused with cerebral yet whimsical jazz.

The band explains:

This song was the first song written by our guitarist, Soya Nogami, and it’s about the state of being emotionally unstable. The environmental sound track between songs is part of a huge stock recordings that Soya captures on a daily basis, combining various environmental sounds such as vending machines and sales calls. Depending on the listener, various situations may come to mind…

Check out “A Ship Of Mental Health” below.

01 “Daytona”
02 “Magso”
03 “A Ship Of Mental Health”
04 “Gomata”
05 “Roccotsu”
06 “Himalia”
07 “Daytona Reprise”
08 “Toumai”

De Lorians is out 7/26 on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond. Pre-order it here.

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