TENNGER is Mongolian for “unlimited expanse of sky,” and it’s also the name of a Pan-Asian musical family embarking on lavish spatial explorations through song. The group is coming out with a new album new month called Spiritual 2, and last month we premiered a music video for its dazed-out lead single “High.” Today we get to hear a new another hypnotic new track.

“See” is an expansive five-minute foray into a reverberant yet reverent wilderness. It feels infinite and all-consuming, its trance-like drones transportive yet familiar. There’s a haunting emptiness to it that’s only resolved with warbling synth tones and a quiet, choir-like warm vocalization in the foreground. It’s chill-inducing, and brings just enough psychedelia to feel simultaneously otherworldly yet grounded.

Listen to “See” below.

Spiritual 2 is out 6/7 via Beyond Beyond Is Beyond. Pre-order it here.

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