Stream Megan Thee Stallion’s New Album Fever

For the past few months, the Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion has been organically but inexorably picking up steam. Megan, who fashions herself as a female version of UGK legend Pimp C, is an absolute human charisma-bomb, a ferociously talented second-generation rapper who talks shit about sex and money with the same larger-than-life panache as the rap heroes of generations past. She always sounds like she’s absolutely disgusted that she has to explain to you all the reasons why you ain’t shit. She’s been a star, and the rest of the world has been catching up.

In the past month, Megan’s sex-up banger “Big Ole Freak” has hit the Billboard Hot 100, and Megan has stolen the show on tracks from rappers like Maxo Kream and Young Nudy. A week and a half ago, she announced the impending release of Fever, her impending major-label debut. Today, that album arrives, and it is a monster.

We posted the early track “Realer” last night, and that and “Big Ole Freak” should give you some idea of what to expect here. Megan is an old-school Southern rapper — not a trap-rapper — who raps hard, tangible gutter-life lines over thunderous 808 bass-booms and skeletal drums. On first listen, every song on the album is an extroverted banger, a clear sign that Megan understands her lane and knows what she’s good at. The album’s only guests are Juicy J and DaBaby, both of whom are great matches. This is a straight-up great rap album, and you can stream it below.

Fever is out now on 300 Entertainment/1501 Certified Ent.