Russian Circles – “Arluck”

I dunno if this is coincidence or design, shade or tribute, expertly executed synergy or pure random chance, but rather amazingly, at roughly the same time that Chicago post-metal instrumental institutions Pelican are premiering their new song, “Cold Hope,” the Chicago post-metal instrumental institutions Russian Circles are premiering their new song, “Arluck.” Luck indeed!

And look, whether “luck” or otherwise, if the Chicago post-metal instrumental sound is your jam, then this is your lucky day, because it doesn’t get much better than Pelican and Russian Circles. Read about the former here (United Nations’ Jonah Bayer talked to Pelican’s Trevor Shelley de Brauw, and it’s an excellent interview) and check out the first new music from the latter’s just-announced Blood Year below. The album is out 8/2 via Sargent House, and the song speaks for itself (without saying a word). Dig that bass.

Blood Year is out 8/2 via Sargent House. Pre-order it here.