Taylor Bennett – “No One Outside” (Feat. Bianca Shaw & Chance The Rapper)

Chance The Rapper’s brother Taylor Bennett has been putting out music of his own for a few years now, and he usually gets big bro Chance to pop up on a track or two on all of his projects. Bennett’s latest is The American Reject, an 8-track album that’s out today, and Chance The Rapper appears alongside fellow Chicagoan Bianca Shaw on a song called “No One Outside.”

Shaw provides the hook (“Who says we can’t live life like it’s no one outside?”) while Chance contributes a verse on which he raps: “Don’t want the Glock and the nine, don’t want to tap in at five/ I know she put in the work, I know she tryin’ her best.”

Listen to “No One Outside” and The American Reject in full below.

The American Reject is out now.