SUPEREGO – “Caller ID” Video

SUPEREGO – “Caller ID” Video

SUPEREGO is a five-piece group from Fremantle, Australia. The collective, comprised of producers, rappers, singers, and multi-instrumentalists, had been releasing tunes on SoundCloud under the name POW! Negro. With a brand new name, they’re ready to head in a different direction, and today are sharing their first single, “Caller ID.”

This new wave is more drum-heavy — teetering on, but not crossing, the line into R&B. It feels like a collage, as the electronica takes up the majority of the surface sound while the top-line melody dabbles with jazz. There’s a hearty sax solo, but in the melodic construction, the drums do most of the propelling. The accompanying visual is also a collage of sorts — depicting the group leaving a party and somehow ending up inside of a ribcage with a giant heart. It ends with one of the members being submerged in a tub with black water.

Here’s what the band had to say about the track:

“Caller ID” speaks to the inner turmoil we face when dealing with feelings of inadequacy, helplessness and self loathing; the results of the dichotomy between the masks we wear, so as not to burden those around us, and our own internal grief.

Check out the video for “Caller ID” below.

“Caller ID” is out now on xx

SUPEREGO - "Caller ID"


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