Taylor Swift – “You Need To Calm Down”

On Thursday, Taylor Swift officially announced her seventh studio album, which is called Lover and will be out on 8/23. A couple months ago, she released “ME!,” its Brendon Urie-featuring lead single and tonight Swift is putting out the album’s second single, “You Need To Calm Down.”

“You just need to take several seats and then try to restore the peace / And control your urges to scream about all the people you hate,” Swift sings. “‘Cause shade never made anybody less gay.” Earlier this month, she shared an open letter to her Senator urging him to defend LGBTQ rights and support the Equality Act.

A music video is scheduled to follow the single next Monday (6/17), debuting on Good Morning America before hitting the internet-at-large. Listen to “You Need To Calm Down” below.

“You Need To Calm Down” is out now.

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