Lusine – “Not Alone” (Feat. Jenn Champion) Video

Texas-raised, Seattle-based IDM veteran producer Jeff McIlwain, aka Lusine, makes slippery, chrome-sheened electronic music. His last full-length was 2017’s Sensorimotor. His upcoming Retrace EP looks to be another promising collection of his expansive, angular tunes. Today, the artist is sharing a new song — which features singer-songwriter Jenn Champion — and music video, directed by Michael Reisinger, that aptly depicts a visual representation of the sounds he’s known for.

The video for “Not Alone” follows the mental journey of a young hacker as she connects her mind to a computer world. Reisinger had this to say of the video:

The track is beautiful and richly textured, but also has an unsettling, almost menacing tone to it. With that in mind I decided to use on one of my favorite archetypes – the lone hacker. She allowed us to explore bold visual textures and computer glitches as she debugs her VR setup. I think it’s reasonable to expect a future where VR is so advanced that it shakes conventions of reality versus fabrication. We’re already seeing that now with digital information and social media. It’s getting more and more difficult to discern the truth.

Watch the video for “Not Alone” and listen to Retrace’s title track below.

01 “Not Alone” (Feat. Jenn Champion)
02 “Turn Back”
03 “Step On” (Feat. Cifika)
04 “Retrace”

Retrace EP is out 7/12 via Ghostly. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Sarah McIlwain