Ty Segall – “Ice Plant” (Feat. Shannon Lay)

Ty Segall – “Ice Plant” (Feat. Shannon Lay)

One of the most productive musicians working today, Ty Segall, has a new album called First Taste out very soon. We’ve heard the first two fuzzed-out singles, “Taste” and “Radio,” and today Segall is sharing what sounds to be one of the most calming songs he’s ever made.

Aside from the percussion and piano of the intro and outro, “Ice Plant” is a solely a cappella track sung with Shannon Lay, a new member of his Freedom Band who has her own album coming out in August as well. It’s a ruminative, wistful song in tribute to the neighborhood that Segall grew up in. Here he is with more about the track:

“Ice Plant” is a fever dream reflection of my childhood. . . A past no more. Was very fun to sing with the amazing Shannon Lay. My neighborhood in Laguna Beach was and still is covered in Ice Plants and Eucalyptus trees that would fall on our family’s car and stain the paint job. One winter we tried to surf down the Ice Plant hills.

Listen below.

First Taste is out 8/2 via Drag City. Pre-order it here.

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