Guaxe – “Desafio Do Guaxe”

Guaxe is a new duo of Brazilian psych-rockers Dino Almeida of Boogarins and Pedro Bonifrate of Supercordas. Pronounced “gwah-shee,” the name comes from an Atlantic forest bird who builds tent-shaped nests that hang on tall trees. These birds are also pretty adept singers.

The pair are preparing to release their self-titled debut album, and today, we’re hearing its first track, “Desafio Do Guaxe.” It’s a warm, lo-fi piece of organic pysch-rock comfort that sounds something like early Animal Collective. Almeida says that the song “represents all the strength and meaning of the whole project.” He goes on: “Bonifrate and I were challenged to put words together describing a metaphor inspired by the singing of the Guaxe bird.” Bonifrate adds that, while the duo went swimming during the album sessions, they spotted the normally hard-to-see birds right in front of them, inspiring parts of the album. “I felt it was an omen,” he says.

Guaxe shared some further info on the song’s construction:

“Desafio do Guaxe” (The Guaxe’s Dare) was conceived when a reverse accoustic guitar track and a slowed down drum loop were accidentaly mixed together on a 4-track tape recorder during the Guaxe sessions in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. While Dinho sat by the computer to edit the song structure, Bonifrate played with his daughter and slowly came up with lyrics about the guaxe bird urging his animal friends to fight the established power.

Listen to “Desafio Do Guaxe” below.

01 “Desafio Do Guaxe”
02 “Pupilas”
03 “Rio Abaixo”
04 “Nilo”
05 “Onda”
06 “Avesso”
07 “Povo Marcado”

Guaxe is out 9/6 via OAR. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: c/o Guaxe