Harmony Woods – “Best Laid Plans II”

At the end of this week, Sofia Verbilla is releasing the second Harmony Woods album, Make Yourself At Home. She’s put out “Ghosts,” “The City’s Our Song,” and “Best Laid Plans” from it already, and today she’s sharing another song, this one, “Best Laid Plans II,” is a continuation of the narrative told on that first song, when a relationship that once felt like so much of a rush disintegrates before your very eyes and you can’t do anything to stop it. “Our heads in our hands, our bodies trembling,” Verbilla sets the scene. “The both of us accepting our defeat/ I said let’s just talk about it in the morning.”

“This song is the culmination of all the angst and tension that has built up since the two characters have realized they may not be right for each other,” Verbilla told FLOOD. “Moments from the first ‘Best Laid Plans’ are echoed as the narrator realizes that giving into this infatuation early on was not the best idea. They genuinely care about the other person, and they want things to feel good again, but they ultimately attempt to postpone this fight because they know deep down it will lead to the end.”

Listen below.

Make Yourself At Home is out 10/4 via Skeletal Lightning.