Harmony Woods – “Best Laid Plans”

Sofia Verbilla is releasing her second album as Harmony Woods, Make Yourself At Home, in a couple months. We’ve heard one song, “Ghosts,” from it so far, and Verbilla recently shared its second single, “Best Laid Plans.”

It’s a soaring track about the lowest of lows: an unhealthy relationship that you keep making excuses for, putting off change until another day. “So you make yourself at home although you weren’t invited,” Verbilla’s voice rings in the chorus. “Seasons change, feelings stay the same/ Incapable of thoughtful, conscious choices.”

“This song, and many of the songs from this (first) side of the record, have to do with throwing intuition aside and giving into infatuation,” Verbilla explains in a statement. “It can be easy to keep going back to pursuing a person who you know deep down isn’t good for you, but somehow causes you to have these intense, euphoric rushes. As we all have done at some point, the narrator makes an unhealthy choice in giving into this person’s hold on them.”

Listen below.

Make Yourself At Home is out 10/4 via Skeletal Lightning.