Stream Vagabon’s New Self-Titled Album

Two years ago, Lætitia Tamko, the Cameroon-born and New York-based artist who records under the name Vagabon, released an enormously promising debut album called Infinite Worlds. Later this week, she’ll follow it up with her self-titled sophomore album. (The new LP was originally titled All The Women In Me, a reference to the poetry of Nayyirah Waheed. Tamko changed it when she learned that Waheed preferred not to be quoted.) Today, a few days before the album comes out, we get to hear the whole thing.

The new album is a departure. Tamko didn’t grow up listening to indie rock, but Infinite Worlds still sounded, more or less, like the product of the DIY underground that initially embraced Tamko. But on Vagabon, she’s switched up her aesthetic, using lush and glimmering synth sounds more than guitars. The focus is just as much on Tamko’s voice, and the songs are as personal as they’ve ever been. But it’s cool hearing her finding a new sense of clean, cinematic majesty to her music.

We’ve already posted the early tracks “Flood” and “Every Woman.” And right now, you can stream the entire LP at NPR.

Vagabon is out 10/18 on Nonsuch. Read our interview with Vagabon here.

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