Kanye West Says Jesus Is King Is Coming This Week

Kanye West Says Jesus Is King Is Coming This Week

We’ve been down this road before. Kanye West has been planning to release his gospel-derived album Jesus Is King for a while, and it’s had a couple of release dates that came and went with no album. First, West said he’d release Jesus Is King last month, announcing a 9/27 release date. It didn’t show up on that Friday, and shortly afterward, West’s wife Kim Kardashain claimed the album would be out two days later — Sunday, 9/29. That didn’t happen either. But now Kanye West is proclaiming that Jesus Is King is coming 10/25 — this coming Friday. This time, he seems serious.

Late last night, West tweeted the album’s new release date and an image that sure looks like the vinyl version. (It’s pretty.) 10/25 is also the day that West is releasing a new film, also called Jesus Is King, into some IMAX theaters. It’s already got a trailer. When we know there’s a movie tie-in happening, an album release date seems a whole lot more concrete.

Jesus Is King is an outgrowth of Sunday Services, the religious quasi-concerts that West has been giving, with gospel choirs, since the beginning of the year. (This past weekend, he staged a Sunday Service at Emancipation Park in Kingston, Jamaica.) West played a seemingly finished Jesus Is King last month at a New York event, though he’s certainly been known to tweak albums multiple times in the moments before and even after release. So we’ll see what happens.

For now, at least, Jesus Is King is out 10/25.

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