Stream Spiral Heads’ Self-Titled Debut EP

Simon Doom is the touring bassist for MGMT, and he also puts out records of his own. These days, Doom has a new project going: Spiral Heads, a punk rock trio based in both Boston and New York. Doom’s bandmates are also in a couple of bigger bands. Spiral Heads singer and guitarist Jim Carroll is the touring guitarist for reunited hardcore greats American Nightmare, and drummer Q also plays in the great punk/metal supergroup Doomriders.

Spiral Heads don’t really sound like any of those other bands. Instead, they play a catchy, nervous version of punk rock that occasionally gets a bit psychedelic. Their self-titled debut EP is only three tracks long, and it really achieves takeoff on its closer “A Number From Outer Space,” a piece of pounding and slow-building absurdity. It basically sounds the way you might hope an MGMT-affiliated punk band would sound. Check out the EP below.

The Spiral Heads EP is out now on Bridge Nine Records.

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