Katie Gately – “Bracer”

Katie Gately – “Bracer”

Experimental musician Katie Gately released her magnificent debut album, Color, back in 2016. It led us to name her one of the Best New Artists to come out of that year. In 2020, she’ll follow it up with a new full-length called Loom. The album is dedicated to her mother, who died in 2018. After that loss, she scrapped the album that she had been working on and set out to create something completely different.

Today, she’s sharing Loom’s first single, “Bracer,” an expansive and overwhelming 10-and-a-half-minute epic. It travels through a few different movements, and Gately gets locked on to certain phrases throughout (“Where was my youth?” “Take my sin and shove it into yours”) and builds claustrophobic and unnerving soundscapes around them. The last two minutes are absolutely unhinged in the best way. In a press release, Gately said that the track is “about being disoriented and wanting to check out with a substance – I used whiskey.”

Listen below.

01 “Ritual”
02 “Allay”
03 “Waltz”
04 “Bracer”
05 “Rite”
06 “Tower”
07 “Flow”
08 “Rest”

Loom is out 2/14 via Houndstooth.

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