Too Free – “ATM” Video

Too Free is a DC-based trio made up of Awad Bilal (who has worked with Big Freedia), Don Godwin (Callers), and Carson Cox (Merchandise). Today, the trio is announcing their debut album, Love In High Demand, and sharing a new single called “ATM.”

“When we see people who look like us, engaged in situations we could see ourselves in, and have our experiences reflected back at us – we feel seen – and that is everything,” Bilal said in a statement.

The track opens with a simple metronome beat that’s then laced with a pulsating bass effect. An eerie, colorful walk-down on the keys spirals up from the depths as more stylized percussion is sporadically built in. “ATM” feels both organic and computerized. The accompanying video also fuses together seemingly disparate styles — it was directed, edited, and shot by Cox, and incorporates colorful shots of the band members performing, which is then overlaid by animation.

Watch and listen to “ATM” below.

01 “Gold”
02 “Elastic”
03 “Touch Upon Touch”
04 “ATM”
05 “X2″
06 “The Void”
07 “Breathing Underwater”
08 “Wanna Let Me Know”
09 “No Fun”

Love in High Demand is out 2/21 on Sister Polygon. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Emily Geller