Squirrel Flower – “Streetlight Blues”

At the end of this month, Ella O’Connor Williams will release I Was Born Swimming, her debut album under the moniker Squirrel Flower. We’ve already heard a couple tracks, including “Red Shoulder” and “Headlights.” Just last week, we named Squirrel Flower an Artist To Watch based on the strength of those singles. And today, we get one more preview before the album’s arrival. It might be the best of the bunch so far.

The latest Squirrel Flower song is called “Streetlight Blues.” Like some of the other material on I Was Born Swimming, “Streetlight Blues” chronicles personal reckonings on small town nights, or while drifting down one street or another. Here’s what Williams had to say about it:

I wrote this song because I was overcome by the image of insects flying towards streetlights and bug lamps in the late summer, attracted to the light but also flying to their death. This song is angsty. It’s partly about blowing off your friends to dance alone in waves of emotion, partly about the end of something — life, seasons, a relationship, a streetlamp.

“Streetlight Blues” is a dramatic slowburn of a song. Country flickers give it that feeling of listless years and nights spent coming into your own. And the summer night scenes that inspired Williams can be heard throughout — the whole thing has a weight and humidity, striving to break into some kind of release through recurring guitar swells. Check it out below.

I Was Born Swimming is out 1/31 on Polyvinyl/Full Time Hobby. Pre-order it here.