Drug Church – “Bliss Out”

Drug Church – “Bliss Out”

Drug Church fucking rule. The Albany-based band has been around for the better part of a decade now, combining chunky hardcore drive with bleary melodies. The band’s sound is raw and immediate, but there’s also a whole lot of craft and panache to it, and they have some serious hooks. In 2018, Drug Church came out with Cheer, one of the best hardcore albums in recent memory. And now they’ve come out with a great new one-off track called “Bliss Out.”

We probably shouldn’t take this new track as a sign that there’s a new Drug Church album in the works. The members of the band seem to be pretty busy. Frontman Patrick Kindlon, for instance, writes comics for a living, and he also leads the adventurous punk band Self Defense Family and serves as one of the hosts of the great hardcore podcast Axe To Grind. (Seriously: Great podcast if you like hardcore.) But right now, Drug Church are gearing up for a bit tour with Thrice, mewithoutYou, and Holy Fawn, and this song seems like a great way to hype that tour up.

“Bliss Out” is a two-minute ripper with a big, sticky riff and a vocal that goes back and forth between chest-out roars and sarcastic spoken asides. Talking to Flood, Kindlon says, “Ever have a run of bad luck so bad you wondered what god you offended? This song is about going to a fortune teller and having them tell you, ‘Sorry, bro. Fairness left the building. Get under a desk because the nukes are inbound.’” Check it out below.

“Bliss Out” is out now on the streaming services.

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