Third Man Announces Unearthed Album Release And Reunion Show From ‘80s Detroit Punk Band The Pathetx

We like to have a bit of fun at Jack White’s expense around here, but I genuinely love seeing him use his considerable music-biz leeway to spotlight music he loves. For instance, next month White’s label Third Man Records will release a previously shelved LP from Detroit punk band the Pathetx, marked with a one-off reunion show in their hometown.

Formed in 1980, the Pathetx played a frenzied form of punk rock that helped pave the way for hardcore. Their shows were legendarily violent, their songs fast and unhinged. The album they recorded in the fall of 1981 never came out, but Third Man will give it both physical and digital release next month under the name The Pathetx – 1981. The same day, 3/13, the band will reunite for a show at Detroit’s UFO Factory.

Hear the album’s opening track “Kmart Krowd” below.


01 “K Mart Krowd”
02 “Gimme Nuclear War”
03 “Fat”
04 “Energize”
05 “Alligator People”

01 “Hypocrite”
02 “I Hate Rockers”
03 “Piss On My Shoes”
04 “I’m Alone”

The Pathetx – 1981 is out 3/13 on Third Man in standard black and limited edition colored vinyl 12” 45rpm versions, as well as digitally. Pre-order it here.

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