Disclosure – “Expressing What Matters”

As was speculated yesterday, it looks like Disclosure are up to one of their song-a-day tricks. Back in 2018, the duo released five new songs over the course of a week, and they’re now officially halfway to that point again. We’ve gotten two tracks from them so far this week, “Ecstasy,” which was fine, and “Tondo,” which was better, and today they’re sharing another new song called “Expressing What Matters,” which samples Boz Scaggs.

“This track samples the legendary song Lowdown by Boz Scaggs,” they explain in a statement. “We really wanted to try and focus in on those wonderful backing vocals that permeate through the original & give it such soul. They ended up becoming the focal point of the entire track.. bring chopped and skewed to their limit. The whole thing was one big audio science experiment for us.”

Listen below.