Disclosure – “Ecstasy”

Back in 2018, Disclosure released five new songs over a five day period. It had been ages since their last proper full-length, 2015’s Caracal, and it looked like the brother producer duo were up to something, but they went quiet soon after that. Over the past year, they’ve emerged only with two different collaborations with Khalid — one of them, “Know Your Worth,” came out earlier this month. But today, they’re back with a new song all on their own called “Ecstasy.”

“This song came into existence early 2019 during a writing session at Guy’s house in London,” they explained in a statement. “We were curiously chopping up samples from various 70s disco and soul records when suddenly, Fantasy by Aquarium Dream gave us the exact thing we were searching for. This song is made entirely to get a human being to their feet and directly to the dance floor.”

Listen to it below.

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