Disclosure – “Love Can Be So Hard”

Last year, Disclosure said that they were taking some time off from music. But at the beginning of this year, the British production duo, made of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, revealed that they were working on the follow-up to 2015’s Caracal. And in May, they finally sprang back into action with the surprise new single “Ultimatum.”

The brothers Lawrence still haven’t revealed any details about their forthcoming third album, but they haven’t been stingy with the music either. We got a new song on Monday, a new song yesterday, and we’re getting a new song today — which is, for those counting at home, three songs in three days, all of them relying heavily on chopped up vocal samples. “Moonlight” reworked the Real Group’s a cappella cover of “When I Fall In Love“; “Where Angels Fear To Tread” was essentially a remix of the Four Freshmen’s a cappella take on the old Johnny Mercer/Rube Bloom tune “Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread)”; and the latest, “Love Can Be So Hard,” is a clubby update of a song by UK dance-pop singer Princess.

“Taking you on a throwback ’80s vibe today with ‘Love Can Be So Hard,'” Disclosure wrote on Twitter. “Inspired by our love of ’80s pop artists like Alexander O’Neal and Luther Vandross, we chopped and flipped this old classic by Princess on its head! Hope it’s to your liking.” Listen below.