Watch The Trailer For Spike Jonze’s Live Beastie Boys Documentary

We all love the Beastie Boys, right? That’s something that we can hang onto, amidst the increasing panic and uncertainty of daily life right now? Well, there’s about to be a new cinematic experience that goes deep into the group’s history in some potentially fascinating ways. And even better, for right now: We won’t have to leave our houses to experience it.

In the past few years, Ad-Rock and Mike D, the two surviving Beasties, have been invested in finding interesting ways to tell their own stories. Those efforts have already led to Beastie Boys Book, one of the best music memoirs of all time. And now they’ve also teamed up with their old collaborator Spike Jonze for Beastie Boys Story, a new documentary film that involves the two Beasties telling the whole story of their friendship at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn last year, showing the crowd footage and then talking about that footage.

We’ve already posted the initial teaser trailer for Beastie Boys story. Today, we get the full three-minute trailer, which gives a better idea of how this will look. It also means we get fun little moments like Ad-Rock making fun of Mike D for going for a high-five. (Mike assures Adam that the high-five is coming back. No! It’s not! Don’t do that! Social distancing! Elbow bumps only!) The more moments like that we get in the movie, the better. Check out the trailer below.

Beastie Boys Story is now scheduled to open in IMAX theaters 4/2 — although, as with all plans involving communal gatherings of people, we should probably downgrade those plans to “tentative at best.” But the documentary is also coming to the Apple TV+ subscription service 4/24. So if you happen to be locked up in your house for weeks at a time, unable breathe the same air as strangers, at least you’ll have something to watch.