Kehlani – “Toxic”

Kehlani – “Toxic”

California R&B star Kehlani and California rap star YG very publicly broke up last month. On Valentine’s Day, YG shared a love song duet that they’d recorded together called “Konklusions.” Less than a week later, Kehlani followed that up with “Valentine’s Day (Shameful),” on which she made it clear that things were over and pretty much called YG an asshole without ever mentioning him by name.

Today, Kehlani is back with another new track, and it once again seems to be about that breakup. But where “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)” was all in pissed-off ex mode, “Toxic” leaves room for missing the relationship while still recognizing that it was, yes, toxic. “Damn right, we take turns being wrong,” Kehlani sings. “I get real accountable when I’m alone/ I get real about it all when I’m alone/ It’s so crazy missin’ you when I get on.” Listen.

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