Converge -“Endless Arrow”

Converge -“Endless Arrow”

The members of Converge, the great Boston metallic hardcore institution, are really coming through during this strange and disorienting week. Deathwish, Inc., the label co-founded by vocalist Jacob Bannon, is offering every one of its releases as pay-what-you-want downloads on Bandcamp, giving all the proceeds directly to the bands. Drummer Ben Koller just participated in an all-star metal cover of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Dare To Be Stupid.” Bassist Nate Newton is also a member of Old Man Gloom, and they just announced a new album and shared a badass new song this morning. And now guitarist Kurt Ballou has put together a long-as-hell remix of a Converge banger.

Aimless Arrow” was the chaotic and feverish opening track from All We Love We Leave Behind, the truly excellent album that Converge released in 2012. The original track was two minutes as 39 seconds long. And now Kurt Ballou — who is also, it’s worth mentioning, probably the most sought-after producer in all of heavy music — has taken that sprint of a track and stretched it into an ambient doom odyssey.

The Bandcamp description for “Endless Arrow,” Ballou’s new take on “Aimless Arrow,” claims that it exists “to keep people entertained in these challenging times.” Half an hour of ominous experimental music won’t necessarily entertain everyone, but it will keep some of us happy. Give it a shot below.

“Endless Arrow” is out now on Deathwish, Inc., and you can pay what you want for it at Bandcamp.

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