eBay’s Indie Cheese Sandwich

me hey-nonny-nonny fever is actin' up againWhat can I possibly say about selling a gold record awarded to the Postal Service for Give Up that Jed Maheu can’t say better himself?

As you can see this record was awarded to me for my help in selling 500,000 copies of the album. I did the math on it and figured out that I’m responsible for 24,871 copies sold. I’m gonna be fair here and say that Sub Pop makes 5 dollars per album sold and since I contributed about 1/20 of the work on this I am owed $6217.14 cents. This is reflected in my reserve.

As you can see the record is in mint condition. Usually these things have lots of scratches from razor blades and things like that. Don’t get me wrong, I like partying, but I also have an Iron Maiden mirror that I got at the fair a few years ago.

As a free gift I?m also including this burned copy of the Postal Service “Give Up” record. I’ll remind you that this is a gift to my new friend. It was brought to Sub Pop when we first decided to put out the record. Oh imagine the mid level A&R hands this must have been touched by! It would be a very nice display piece next to your gold record. Kinda like an egg and then chicken sorta deal. I know you’re thinking that it’s just a burned cd and you’d be right. And since you’re such a genius you’ll probably remember that someone bought a cheese sandwich off this website.

We now return to your regularly scheduled Strokes “leaks”. If any of you win it, do the world a favor and tell us what’s really on the record. (Thanks, Ian!)